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It's no surprise that in the coming future, every company will go green. Plastic waste is an actual growing concern for every company that offers disposable cutleries. However, the recent trend of using more disposable wooden knife sets and forks is getting more and more popular. Restaurants and take-out centers are offering disposable wooden knife sets to their customers. People now understand the value of wooden products instead of plastic products. In this article, we will tell you all the benefits of using disposable wooden knives. 

What Materials Is Disposable Wooden Knife Made Of? 

Our disposable wooden knife is made out of 100% original birch wood. The process involved in the making of business does not include any chemicals or harmful toxic substances. 
For forming and sterilizing the wood to soften, we only use hot water and nothing else. Therefore, the final product does not include any coatings, waxes, or toxic substances. This is why it's completely safe to use for eating your favorite foods. They are all FDA and EEC-approved. 

Plastic knives usually give off an odd smell to them. While eating food, it does not feel natural. But our disposable wooden knife does not have any wooden smells, so you will feel natural when you are eating food. 

disposable wooden knivesWhat Does the Wooden Knife Look Like? 

Our wooden cutlery is all made out of organic materials. You don't have to worry when you are composting them. 
We offer our disposable wooden knives in various different sizes. The length of these knives is around 165 mm. We also offer customizable sizes. There is also a customizable logo and packaging available. All our cutlery packages are tested and scientifically approved, so the knives inside them remain just the same. Our knives have natural color so that you can feel the real wooden vibe. 

The disposable wooden knives have heat resistance, meaning that you can use them to cut hot food items, and still, they won't break. Another interesting fact about disposable wooden knives is that they are more durable and strong than plastic knives. Cutting your steak and fresh vegetables will be much easier using a wooden knife. If you are thinking about going green or becoming more sustainable, choosing disposable wooden cutlery is the best option. 

disposable wooden knivesWhere to Use The Disposable Wooden Knife? 

You can use the disposable wooden knife at your home or in your cafe, or in a restaurant. You can simply bring your own wooden knife along anywhere. Disposable wooden knives are so in trend that you can use them at any party or wedding reception. From KFC to McDonald's, almost every big food chain company is now offering wooden knives instead of plastics to their customers. Disposable wooden knives are much cheaper than other cutlery sets as well. So companies can easily make a profit out of them. 

Our planet is dying, so we need to stop plastic waste. That is why old h cutlery products are fully biodegradable and eco-friendly. Here at EcoBifrost, our goal is to provide our customers with only high-quality wooden cutlery sets. We understand the necessity of wooden cutlery sets. So if you are looking for the best quality disposable wooden knife, then visit our website now. Our wooden products come from all the high-quality sustainable and renewable sources of nature that are birch wood. 

Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Cutlery Set By EcoBifrost

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