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Since the beginning of the covid-19 outbreak, people have been getting more concerned about their hygiene and safety. This is why disposable products are getting more popular among customers. You can only use them once and then throw them away. People usually prefer disposable kitchen items such as spoons, forks, knives, tissues, and plates. Disposable wooden spoons have now become one of the ideal substitutes for plastic cutlery sets. Today we will feature disposable wooden spoons and their advantages. 

disposable wooden spoon

Materials and advantages: 

Disposable wooden spoons are made with 100% birch wood. So they are lightweight yet durable. Wooden spoons are always environmentally friendly. They are made out of nature, and once you throw them out, they go back to nature. Disposable wooden spoons come in different shapes, designs and sizes. You can also customize your spoon design and size accordingly. Creating a disposable wooden spoon at home can also be a fun assignment for your children. Disposable wooden spoons have many benefits, such as 

●They are environmentally friendly.
●The give of a cool and stylish look
●They are safe to use
●You can always clean them and reuse them at least two times. 
●They are the best option for maintaining hygiene. 
●They are very much hygienic and antibacterial.
●They have heat resistance quality and are rustproof. 
●They are super strong and durable. 
●But even with all these advantages, the food industry has yet to fully utilize its potential.

The first wave of coronavirus caught us off guard; however, since then, restaurants and take-out centers have started giving disposable wooden spoons. 

The coverage and usage: 

Well, the usage of disposable wooden spoons is quite simple. It's basically for cooking and eating. However, there are some other ways you can use the wooden number 8. Here at, Events | EcoBifrost, we offer. Disposable wooden spoons are not only for your restaurant and take-out centres; you can always use them in any function. 

The Environmentally Friendly Concept for Company

The global disposable cutlery market is projected to grow at a CAGR value of 4.7% during the forecast time and will gain a massive growth of 2,696.4 million dollars by 2028. Since the pandemic, the online food market has also grown to a bigger size. People are ordering online to avoid any physical contact. With the change in lifestyle and habits and rapid urbanization, ready-to-eat foods are becoming popular among people. This is also helping the huge market for single-use disposable cutlery. 

In addition to the growing demand for disposable wooden spoons and cutlery, there is also a fact that companies need to think about is the resource. Disposable wooden spoons are made out of natural and renewable resources, so the market will always remain sustainable as long as there is wood. This can be quite convenient for startup companies. The process of plastic cutlery making is quite expensive. On the other hand, disposable wooden spoons are much more affordable. For companies who are thinking of going green, wooden items are something that can make that happen. 

Nowadays, people have recognized the fact that the environmental crisis is real, and we need to work on it real soon. We need to put a stop to plastic waste by switching to more natural and eco-friendly products. EcoBifrost offers you only the best quality disposable wooden spoons that you can use on any occasion. 

Eco-Friendly Biodegradable Cutlery Set By EcoBifrost


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