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Plastic waste has become a prominent problem for every industry. To avoid plastic waste, companies are offering eco-friendly products that are both durable and safe to use. Disposable bamboo straws are 100% biodegradable which means they easily break down into smaller molecules within a few days. The eco-friendly bamboo straw from EcoBifrost is made of organic bamboo. With its high heat resistance, it is the perfect alternative for plastic products. Today we will talk about why you should be using disposable bamboo straws instead of plastic straws. 

What is Disposable Bamboo Straw? 

For starters, disposable bamboo straws are fully made out of bamboo, which means they are organic and natural. Bamboo is the earth's most sustainable plant. Bamboo plants represent strength and versatility. And believe us when we say that bamboo is stronger than steel. Bamboo plants can grow to full maturity between 3 to 5 years. After maturity, they are being cut down and brought back to the farm, where they will be allowed to dry naturally under the sunlight. Then they are cut into suitable pieces for a straw. And that's how disposable bamboo straws are made. 

The Safety of Disposable Bamboo Straw

Disposable bamboo straws are completely safe. They don't require any harmful pesticides for chemicals for manufacturing. They have heat resistance which means that 
The straws will not get hot even when you are drinking a hot drink. They are also very great at keeping the temperature of the drink natural. So go ahead and eat as many smoothies or milkshakes as you can. You will not have a brain freeze. Since they are non-flammable, they are also safe for children to use.

The Environmentally Friendly Materials and The Renewable Resources

Disposable bamboo straws and made out of 100% natural materials. They remind us that nature is renewable and the best resource for daily life use products. Bamboos are all about sustainability. You can always clean your disposable bamboo straws and reuse them anytime. Bamboo straws do not leave any harmful effects on our environment. After you are done with your straw, you can simply toss it away, and it will biodegrade over time. Imagine how many sea lives can be saved with the use of disposable bamboo straws. 

The Advantages for Disposable Bamboo Straw

When compared with plastic straws, the benefits of disposable bamboo straws are very clear. Let's take a look at some of the most important advantages. 

1)Biodegradable: Disposable bamboo straws are fully biodegradable. They go back to nature without harming wildlife or surrounding plants. 

2)Harmless: Disposable bamboo straws and not only safe for our environment but also for ourselves. They don't require any harmful chemicals or other toxic elements for manufacturing. So when you are using them, you don't have to worry about consuming toxic chemicals into your body. 

3)Easy to clean: Disposable bamboo straws are super easy to clean and reusable. Clean them with plain water and you can at least use them more than two times. 

4)Stylish: Plastic straws are now outdated. Disposable bamboo straws look way cooler than any normal plastic straws. 

Here at EcoBifrost, we understand the growing concern for our environment. Our bamboo straws are therefore being made with 100% original bamboo sticks, plus they give you a cool aesthetic look so that your guests will be fully satisfied. 


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