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Biodegradable cutlery is those cutlery sets that can be easily composted in your backyard. They are made out of natural fibres and substances. Unlike plastic cutleries, they don't create any waste or harm our planet. Biodegradable cutlery includes different sizes of spoons, forks, knives and other utensils. They can be made out of bamboo, wood, CPLA, bagasse and more.

biodegradable cutlery

Which Kind of Materials is Biodegradable and Environmentally Friendly?

Biodegradable cutlery is made out of reinforcement of natural fibre (Agro-waste) into matrix or resin. It is called a polymer of renewable resources and is created by compression or injection process. Biodegradable cutlery is the perfect alternative to plastic cutlery since natural biopolymers, although they are a type of plastic, can offer many benefits like degradability, biocompatibility, and biological safety as compared to plastic. They have temperature resistance, so you can have your cold or hot meals with biodegradable cutlery. They also are able to compost in your backyard within 90 days in any natural environment. They are also more durable compared to plastic cutlery. When creating biodegradable cutlery, there are many natural resources to choose from, such as Bamboo Fiber, Bamboo Hardwood, Birchwood, Cork Teak, Bioplastic Compostables, Hemp Organic Cotton, Soybean Fabric. All of these fibres are easily compostable and have huge degradability.

Why Do We Promote the Usage for Biodegradable Cutlery?

Today people are becoming more aware of climate changes. The global market is aiming for an eco-friendly industry as the number of countries, cities, companies, and households are going green and looking for different ways to minimize their carbon footprint and to save money. Plastic waste such as packing and disposable cutlery has become a huge problem for this planet.

Before, plastic was thought to be in one solution, but now people understand the fact that plastic takes a long time to meltdown. The waste created by plastic can kill thousands of animals in oceans and in rivers each year.

Another reason for choosing biodegradable cutlery is to maintain hygiene. Since the covid-19 outbreak, maintaining hygiene has become one of the important parts of our daily life. It's necessary to use products that do not have any e harmful toxins and viruses in them.

biodegradable cutlery

The Advantages When Comparing With the Traditional Disposable Cutleries

Plastic cutleries are the traditional form of disposable cutlery. However, in this day and age, plastic cutleries have become quite outdated. From restaurants to take-out counters and in households, people prefer to use disposable and biodegradable cutlery.

Here are some of the advantages when compared with the traditional disposable cutlery.

  • They are eco-friendly and made out of natural fibres.
  • They use biodegradable materials like corn, potato starch, sugarcane pulp, and various vegetable oils.
  • They are completely non-toxic and safe to put inside your mouth.
  • Unlike plastic cutlery, they don't have any sharp edges, so it's safer for kids as well.
  • Each year our Ocean is polluted with 18 billion pounds of plastic waste. With biodegradable cutlery, we can reduce the number.
  • The goal of biodegradable cutlery is to remove any unnecessary clean-ups. So no more after-party clean-ups with biodegradable cutlery.
  • Even though they are made out of natural resources, they are quite strong in comparison with plastic cutlery.
  • They were quite affordable as well.
  • They have temperature resistance, so you can eat hot or cold food easily.

Use Eco-friendly Utensils To Reduce Waste

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