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A wooden cutlery set consists of every kitchen utensil from spoons and forks to spatula and turners. Wooden cutlery sets are light weighted and have heat resistance. They can be reusable and on top of it, they are eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable. In this article, we will talk about all the advantages of using a wooden cutlery set and its usages. 

What is a Wooden Cutlery Set? 

A cutlery set is a set of all the kitchen utensils used in cooking and eating. Wooden cutlery set includes wooden spoons in different sizes, wooden fork, wooden spatula, and a lot more. Wooden cutlery is light weighted, heat-resistant, and eco-friendly, which makes them the ideal alternative or substitute for metal and plastic cutlery. Also, have an aesthetic and vintage look that can track every type of customer. The wooden cutlery market is rapidly increasing at a CAGR speed of 4.4% between 2021 and 2031. Using wooden cutlery sets has become a worldwide trend. 

Wooden Cutlery Set

Is wooden cutlery set Environmentally friendly and biodegradable? 

The answer to this question is yes. The wooden cutlery set is environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Unlike plastic cutlery that takes centuries to melt down, wooden cutlery sets can easily break down and go back to nature. Wooden cutlery sets are made out of fresh birch wood and are much more durable than other cutlery sets. A Wooden cutlery set does not require any colour coatings meaning that they're harmless and chemical-free. 

What Are The Usages of Wooden Cutlery Set? 

There are many usages of wooden cutlery sets. You can use them for cooking, eating and for decoration purposes. Since the covid-19 outbreak, restaurants and take-out counters have started offering reusable wooden cutlery to their customers, even at wedding receptions and special events using wooden cutlery sets instead of metal or plastic cutleries. They are easy to clean and reusable. The coronavirus pandemic has taught us the importance of hygiene and safety. The wooden cutlery set plays an important role in maintaining that. 

What Are The Usages of Wooden Cutlery Set

What Are The Benefits of A Wooden Cutlery Set?

It's no wonder that the wooden cutlery set has become more popular these days. There are many benefits when using a wooden cutlery set. 

●Unlike plastic cutleries, wooden cutlery sets are eco-friendly and do not harm sea life and wildlife animals. 
●They are completely biodegradable. 
●They are made out of natural and sustainable resources that are wood. 
●You can easily recycle them and reuse them. 
●They are completely safe and do not have any chemical or toxic materials in them.
●They do not cause any infections or diseases and are safe to put in your mouth. 
●Wooden cutlery sets have no sharp edges, so children can also use them without getting any cuts and scars. 
●We look super cool in your kitchen and give an aesthetic vibe. 
●Your cookers, pans and woks will no longer have scratches in them. 
●They are heat resistant and rustproof, which means that they will stay longer than your metal cutleries. 

Today, people are getting more aware of the fact that our environment is in crisis. It's high time to utilize our renewable and sustainable resources and protect our wildlife. EcoBifrost aims to do just that and provide you with only the best quality of wooden cutlery set.

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