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Disposable, environmentally friendly tableware has been divided into three categories: the source of raw materials, production processes, degradation methods, and recycling levels. 

1.Biodegradable class: paper products (including pulp molded type, cardboard coated type), edible powder set type, plant fiber molded type, etc

2.light / biodegradable materials: light / biodegradable plastic (non-foaming) type, such as light biodegradable PP class.

3.Easy to recycle materials category: such as polypropylene type (PP), high impact polystyrene type (HIPS), biaxially oriented polystyrene (BOPS), natural inorganic mineral-filled polypropylene composite products, etc.

Types of environmentally friendly tableware

Whether the environmental tableware is degradable

The answer is "NO."

Environmental tableware, including easy to recycle, easy to dispose of, and easy to degrade three types, degradable is only one of them.

Degradation is only a supplement to recycling. When a particular packaging material is challenging to recycle after use or has low recycling value, you can consider using degradable packaging.

Types of environmentally friendly tableware

Whether degradable tableware does not need to be recycled

The answer is "NO."

First of all, we should not throw away any garbage indiscriminately. We should take the initiative to do an excellent job of waste separation and recycling to reduce resource waste and environmental pollution. Even biodegradable products also need to be appropriate disposal of or used, leaving the specific environmental factors to talk about product degradation fast and slow degradation products is nonsense.


What is authentic environmental tableware?

1.The tableware color is very uniform and has a good touch, high strength.

2.No odor is emitted when containing hot or cold food.

3.Easy to recycle or use environmental degradation.

4. There is no harm to the ecological environment and human health to meet the national food hygiene standards.


What are the characteristics of fake environmental tableware?

True environmental protection rubbing sentence high cost and false environmental protection tableware low cost, some manufacturers by the conflict of interest, disregard for the health of the majority of consumers, contrary to national standards for the production and sale of false environmental protection lunch boxes.

1.Soft to the touch, rubbing hands will fall off the powder, easy to break, the smell is intense and choking eyes.

2.Heavier than qualified products, the price is low.

3.The surface of the product has a "degradable lunch box," "environmental lunch box," "urban environmental protection," and other words, is not necessarily environmentally friendly.

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