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Meta Description: Eco-friendly cutlery, or biodegradable cutlery, is an important part of our fight against hazardous plastic waste.

The hazards of using disposable cutlery made out of plastic are very well known, and people across the entire world are trying to find ways to tackle the problem. Countries like China, France, and others have banned the use of non-degradable and hazardous disposable cutlery and replaced that with biodegradable cutlery . Nations are pushing consumers and businesses to adopt more eco-friendly cutlery.

Our company Bifrost makes some amazing biodegradable cutlery and eco-friendly cutlery sets out of wood.

Why Countries Are Banning Plastic Cutlery?

The fact that non-compostable materials are getting banned and biodegradable cutlery is rising in responsible nations is due to a couple of very strong reasons. Firstly, thermocol, Styrofoam, and plastic are not degradable and require a lot of resources to recycle. So, they end up mostly in landfills, and from there, they find their way to our oceans. This waste will flow around for thousands of years. So, biodegradable cutlery and eco-friendly cutlery is the best otion here.

Secondly, biodegradable cutlery and other eco-friendly cutlery is safe to use for eating. However, other disposable cutlery made of plastics, melamine, etc. contain chemicals and react with hot food, releasing toxins into it. These toxins can find their way into our bodies when we eat using plasticware. It can result in diseases of the kidney, liver, and other body parts. So, for environment as well as health, nothing can be the best option than biodegradable cutlery and eco-friendly cutlery sets.

What Is The Alternative?

The alternative to plastic cutlery is safe, simple, and already in use. Eco-friendly cutlery made out of sugarcane waste, birchwood, bamboo, areca palm leaves, wheat straw, etc. is not available in the market. They are slightly costlier than their plastic counterparts, but the advantages of biodegradable cutlery / eco-friendly cutlery hugely outweigh the price difference.

Eco-friendly cutlery and biodegradable cutlery is safe for the environment as well as our own health. They can easily be composted in your own home. There are other options as well, but wooden and bamboo cutlery are the best eco-friendly cutlery you will find anywhere. These eco-friendly cutlery are available in local stores for your home use, and even food businesses have started providing wooden cutlery in dine-in as well as takeaway scenarios.

The Big Challenges

While we are trying to replace single-use plastic cutlery with biodegradable cutlery and other eco-friendly cutlery , there are some hurdles that we still need to cross. The most important of them is creating awareness.


Unlike developed nations, developing and under-developed countries around the world do not have the resources required to spread awareness and education among citizens regarding the hazard of plastic waste. The cause needs to penetrate even the smallest demographic and reach every individual to inspire a change. Everyone needs to adopt eco-friendly cutlery or else biodegradable cutlery and refuse to use single-use plastics.

Waste Management:

Most of the plastic ends up in the wrong place because of mismanagement.

Governments need to ensure that waste is being managed and segregated properly in every locality and is properly labeled and categorized for reuse, recycling, composting, or landfilling. This, again, depends on awareness, as the public themselves need to act responsibly and keep their waste segregated properly.


As of now, even though a lot of countries have banned single-use plastic cutlery and are encouraging the use of biodegradable cutlery and eco-friendly cutlery, we still have a long way to go. Sanitation laws need to be stricter around the world, especially in developing countries. Stronger rules need to be made and fines need to be imposed on businesses that do not adhere to environmental guidelines and they should be encouraged using eco-friendly cutlery / biodegradable cutlery .


Believe it or not, plastic is extremely cheap, which is why it is used on such a large scale than other biodegradable cutlery. In comparison, wood and bamboo cost more, especially when they need to be imported from other countries. This creates hesitation among small businesses who want to cut down on costs. If we can find a way to manufacture and sell eco-friendly cutlery / biodegradable cutlery at a cost similar to that of plastic cutlery, this problem could be solved.

Bifrost believes in building a sustainable future with biodegradable cutlery. You can check out our wooden eco-friendly cutlery on our website.


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