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Meta Description: Environmentalists are pushing people and businesses to give up plastic cutlery and start using disposable bamboo cutlery instead.

Sustainability is the need of the hour as plastic waste keeps piling up and endangering the environment. Disposable bamboo cutlery has surprisingly come up as one of the solutions to reducing plastic use on a large scale.

However, people will use disposable bamboo cutlery only when restaurants, hotels, manufacturers, and other businesses adopt it over plastic products. And they should.

Consumers Do Care

People, especially the youth, are aware of the environmental damage single-use plastic does. Consumers are already using alternatives that are more eco-friendly, reusable, and recyclable. Disposable bamboo cutlery will definitely not have a hard time thriving in such a market.

Many businesses like food joints and hotels nowadays use disposable bamboo cutlery and market it as one of their highlights. They have given up on plastic straws, plates, and glasses, thus attracting more environment-conscious customers. Adopting disposable bamboo cutlery can potentially raise your profits as well as brand image.

People have started refusing plastic straws and takeaway containers, and businesses have begun to notice this and replace them with sustainable disposable bamboo cutlery. So why is it so good?

Bamboo Is Better

Bamboo grows extremely fast, as much as five feet every year as compared to other trees that can take up to 30 years before being ready to harvest. Also, bamboo is a carbon-neutral plant and can be used to create not just disposable bamboo cutlery but also clothing, fuel, bridges, diapers, and so much more!

Talking about disposable bamboo cutlery, you could get forks, spoons, straws, plates, chopsticks, knives, and other utensils and use them on the go. Being lightweight and reusable, you could choose to take it everywhere and use it for all your meals. Imagine how much waste you’d be avoiding!

We at Bifrost manufacture disposable bamboo cutlery sets for businesses and consumers who are trying to reduce their plastic waste footprint.

Using And Disposing

Bamboo has natural anti-bacterial properties, which means you can eat off bamboo plates with disposable bamboo cutlery without a worry as long as you wash and dry them. It is free of toxins. You could use them for years and then just throw them in the garden where they would decompose quickly, adding more nutrients to the soil.

You do need to take a little care of your disposable bamboo cutlery. It is not fit for the dishwasher, which means you will have to wash it by hand. But it is heat and water-resistant and does not stain, which makes it a wonderful alternative to plastic and metal plates. You can even compost them simply, and it takes less than three months for disposable bamboo cutlery to decompose.

Change Starts From ‘You’

80% of the plastic waste of landfills lands up in the ocean, and 90% of all ocean waste is plastic. When you begin using disposable bamboo cutlery, you refuse plastics, which results in lesser plastic ending up in the ocean. This helps our eco-systems recover and keeps our biodiversity safer.

Carrying your own reusable or disposable bamboo cutlery and saying no to plastic cutlery sends a message to huge corporations as well when they see a change in public behavior. That is how eco-friendly products have become popular, and it is the only way to ensure a slow yet steady change in the long run.

Cost Concerns Are Temporary

Bamboo is the most environment-friendly material being produced at the moment. However, it grows only in subtropical and tropical countries and other nations need to import it, thus making it expensive.

However, as the demand grows, manufacturers will find ways to produce disposable bamboo cutlery at lower costs. It will eventually become more affordable and will help the fight against single-use plastics. Our company Bifrost is already a leading manufacturer of eco-friendly bamboo cutlery.