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Meta Description: Wooden Stirrers are derived from birch wood and provide complete durability and sturdiness. Visit Ecobifrost and buy one set today.

Wooden stirrers are becoming the favorite alternative to plastic and metal beverage stirrers when it comes to sustainability and environmental protection. Wooden stirrers are made from organic birch wood that has no adverse effects on the environment. Since coffee, tea, and other beverages have become an essential part of our lives, the demand for stirrers has increased. Earlier, plastic stirrers were used by consumers to mix and enjoy their beverages. However, the arrival of wooden stirrers has limited the use of plastic and metal stirrers that has many harmful effects. Since the demand for wooden stirrers is increasing, we at Ecobifrost strive to cater to the demand of consumers and protect the environment.

Features of Wooden Stirrers

Wooden stirrers allow you to mix your hot and cold beverage and complete savor your taste buds. We at Ecobifrost design our wooden stirrers with organic components for the complete safety of our customers. Some of the unique features of our wooden stirrers are:

High Quality:

Our wooden stirrers are designed from birch wood that provides complete durability and sturdiness. Customers only get organic and compostable wooden stirrers at Ecobifrost.

Simple and Elegant Design:

Our wooden stirrers are simple yet unique in design. You can use these stirrers at various functions and hoist the beverage experience of guests.


We strive to save the environment by offering an array of products that are organic and affordable. Our wooden stirrers are affordable, and you can supply them with nearly all the beverages for stirring purposes.


Since wooden stirrers are single-use products, you do not have to wastewater and time by washing the stirrer. You can simply recycle the wooden stirrer or throw it out with food or beverage waste without worrying about the environment.

Benefits of Using Ecobifrost Wooden Stirrers

Our Wooden stirrers are designed to offer complete convenience to customers while they are stirring their favorite beverage. The major benefit that our wooden stirrers have is biodegradable and composable properties. We do not use any inorganic substances while manufacturing our wooden stirrers. Some of the other crucial benefits of our wooden stirrers are:

Heat Resistance:

Our wooden stirrers are derived from birch wood and are highly durable. You can stir extreme hot beverages like coffee, tea, or milk without worrying about the transfer of wood taste.

Good Grip and Easy to Use:

Plastic stirrers are difficult to hold as they have hard edges. Stirring hot and cold beverages with metal and plastic stirrers can be uncomfortable. On the other hand, our wooden stirrers are light in weight and provide a comfortable grip. The edges of our wooden stirrers are round and soft on the hands.

Does Not React with Beverage:

Unlike metal and plastic stirrers, our wooden stirrers do not react with beverages. The beverage remains toxin-free and healthy. The use of wooden stirrers also hoists the experience of beverage lovers as it does not dilute the taste in any format.

Environment Friendly:

Our wooden stirrers are the perfect single-use product that can be recycled after use. You can also use the stirrer to make compost for your garden.

Applications of Wooden Stirrers

Wooden stirrers are slowly making their space in households and various restaurants. The benefits and affordability of the stirrers over traditional plastic or metal stirrers make it one of the preferred choices of customers. You can stir your favorite coffee or drink without worrying about the environment. Our wooden stirrers are used across many households and food outlets.

140mm Birch Wood Coffee Stirrer WN-CST140 - 副本(1)
140mm Birch Wood Coffee Stirrer WN-CST140 - 副本(1)

140mm Birch Wood Coffee Stirrer WN-140CST

  • Item # WN-140CST
  • EcoBifrost Compostable Birch Wood Coffee Stirrer! These eco-friendly wooden products are attractive, healthy and sustainable alternatives to petroleum-based plastic utensils for parties, picnics and cookouts.

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Item # WN-140CST
Material Birchwood
Specification Length: 140mm
Color Nature
Certification FDA, EEC


ECO FRIENDLY disposable woodware comes from sustainable and renewable sources - BIRCHWOOD is free of coatings, bleaches and dyes. Nosh on your favorite hot and cold foods such as salads, soups, pasta, meats, ice cream and more. Then dispose of these compostable utensils with peace of mind. Bifrost are must-have utensil supplier.

DURABLY CRAFTED and polished smooth for splinter-free comfort, Bifrost Wooden Cutlery is perfect for children and adults. 



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