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Meta Description: To fight against the increasing plastic waste in our ocean, consumers and businesses have turned to disposable wooden forks and spoons.

Single-use plastic has become a huge danger to our environment. Our oceans are flooded with millions of pieces of plastic, big and small, and it is greatly affecting nature and biodiversity. A large chunk of this waste comes from disposable plastic cutlery. To tackle this problem, manufacturers have now started producing wooden forks and spoons.

Like many others, our company Bifrost is creating products like wooden fork, spoon, knife, spork, etc. from sustainable birch wood. Birch, just like bamboo, grows fast and is totally compostable. These wooden alternatives to plastic cutlery are light, thin, and extremely sturdy. People can use a wooden fork and just throw it in their garden as it’s biodegradable.

Plastic Needs To Go

The spotlight on the plastic waste problem has been shining for a long time now. For a while, the focus remained on plastic bottles, carry bags, etc. But slowly, the realization hit us that disposable plastic utensils needed to go too. This is when companies came up with the idea of the wooden fork.

The solution couldn’t have been simpler. Birchwood cutlery is cheaper than any other plastic alternative. Of course, people do have the option of carrying their own reusable wooden fork, but it will take some time before the masses get used to the idea. Till then, disposable wooden forks and spoons are the best options.

Redefining Single-Use

The idea is to redefine the entire concept of single-use products, and no one will really miss plastic forks and spoons. The online and offline markets are now full of the wooden fork and other eco-friendly cutlery options. Food businesses like cafes, food trucks, restaurants, delivery services, takeaways, etc. have started providing disposable wooden cutlery instead of plastic ones.

Environmentalists are the most obvious buyers of this new, necessary idea. But given the advantages that wooden forks have over plastic ones, almost every consumer nowadays prefers to eat with a wooden fork. It’s just better in every way.

Wooden Fork Is Just Better

Consumers and businesses, for the sake of our nature, should reduce the use of disposable plastic cutlery. Wooden cutlery is simply better anyway. Here’s why:

•A wooden fork or spoon is much more comfortable to use than a plastic one. It is flat and sturdy, so you won’t need to worry about it breaking. Plastic spoons and forks are just flimsy and can break into splinters easily.

•Wooden forks are smooth, organic, and non-toxic, which can’t be said about plastic products. Disposable cutlery made out of wood does not contain any dye or bleach and is totally safe to use.

•Unlike plastic disposables, wooden forks and spoons are compostable and degrade very quickly. They are also very sustainable. This helps reduce pollution and keep the environment healthy.

•The biggest con of plastic cutlery is that it tastes off when you eat something out of it. In comparison, when you eat a salad, soup, or any other food with a wooden fork, it will taste good, if not better, as wood does not alter the taste of the dish.

•Thin and flimsy plastic cutlery can melt or warp when used with very hot liquid. Meanwhile, wooden forks and spoons are solid and durable.

•Wooden cutlery, even the cheapest ones, look elegant and stylish. Disposable plastic cutlery simply looks cheap and weak.

It has become extremely affordable for businesses to replace plastic cutlery with wooden ones, and customers are clearly asking for it. It is a welcome trend that will help our fight against plastic.

If you’re looking into the wooden fork and other cutlery, you can check out the wooden products by Bifrost on our website.

6.25 inch Disposable Wooden Fork WN-160F
6.25 inch Disposable Wooden Fork WN-160F

6.25" Disposable Wooden Fork WN-160F

  • Item # WN-160F
  • SIMPLE, NATURE, ECO FRIENDLY disposable woodware comes from sustainable and renewable sources - BIRCHWOOD

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Item # WN-160F
Material Birch wood
Specification Length:160mm
Color Nature
Certification FDA, EEC


SIMPLE, NATURE, ECO FRIENDLY disposable woodware comes from sustainable and renewable sources - BIRCHWOOD is free of coatings, bleaches and dyes. Nosh on your favorite hot and cold foods such as salads, soups, pasta, meats, ice cream and more. Then dispose of these compostable utensils with peace of mind. Bifrost Biodegradable Cutlery are must-have green cutlery supplier.

DURABLY CRAFTED and polished smooth for splinter-free comfort, Bifrost Wooden Cutlery is perfect for children and adults. 


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