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Meta Description: From bamboo straws to disposable wooden knife, the industry for disposable cutlery is worth billions.

Disposable cutlery comes in all shapes and sizes, ranging from plastic spoons to disposable wooden knife. Consumers and businesses have several options to choose from, so it can be confusing to pick the right one.

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The most widely used disposable cutlery is made out of plastic. It is prepared from polypropylene or polystyrene that is very inexpensive, which is why disposable plastic cutlery is so cheap. It can withstand up to 250℉ of heat before distorting and can be made in all shapes, sizes, weights, and lengths.

These items can be recycled to some extent, but because they are not compostable, they are harmful to the environment. This is why consumers and businesses are encouraged to adopt disposable wooden knife, spoons, fork, etc. to reduce the plastic footprint on our planet.

Molded Fiber

Made out of recycled paperboard, wheat fiber, newsprint, sugarcane, and other plant material, molded fiber holds a value that is similar to bamboo. Cutlery made out of this material is not sharp and safe to use. However, it is soft and can’t be left in hot food or liquid for too long. In comparison, a disposable wooden knife is much stronger and sturdier and can withstand piping hot temperature without melting or warping.

Plant Starch Material

PSM or plant starch materials are also used to make disposable wooden knife and cutlery. Usually, it is a mixture of plastic and PSM such as corn and potato starch. However, it is much more costly and hence not adopted on a massive scale. But just like disposable wooden knife and sporks, PSM cutlery is strong enough. However, like plastic, it’s not eco-friendly and hence not a popular option.


Even though it’s only slightly costlier than plastic, wooden cutlery is seeing a rise in popularity due to its sustainability and eco-friendliness. Disposable wooden knife, spoon, fork, spork, etc. are being used by food businesses as they provide many advantages over cheap plastic cutlery. Birchwood is the most common type of wood cutlery you can find.

Disposable wooden knife and other utensils are totally compostable, free of chemicals, and quite strong.


Just like a disposable wooden knife, there are disposable bamboo knife and spoons too. It is more sustainable and completely biodegradable and is the perfect choice for eco-friendly disposable cutlery. It is smooth, lightweight, and a fast renewable source.

Why Use Disposable Cutlery At All?

Even though single-use plastic cutlery is not good for the environment, there are a lot of benefits of using disposable wooden knife and other cutlery, and sometimes they are very essential.

•Thanks to mono use, disposable wooden knife and other cutlery help maintain hygiene, which is very important especially in settings like hospitals or food courts.

•Disposables are lighter in weight as compared to silverware, which is why it is more portable.

•As compared to silverware, disposable wooden knife, spoon, spork and cutlery is so much cheaper.

•It saves water, electricity, and other resources as it needs no washing. It is also convenient when catering to a large number of individuals.

•Some disposable cutleries, like disposable wooden knife or fork, might be reusable.

We cannot completely ban the use of disposable cutlery, but we can find ways to manage its use. Sticking to eco-friendly alternatives will help reduce plastic waste and thus help nature.

Thanks to environmental awareness, people have started using wooden cutlery that is sustainable and safer for our ecosystem. This has led to businesses catering to these demands by switching from plastic cutlery to disposable wooden knife and fork.

If you are looking for disposable wooden cutlery, our company Bifrost makes strong and organic disposable wooden knife, fork, spoons, spork, and more.

6.25 inch Disposable Wooden Knife WN-160K
6.25 inch Disposable Wooden Knife WN-160K

6.25" Disposable Wooden Knife WN-160K

  • Item # WN-160K
  • SIMPLE, NATURE, ECO FRIENDLY disposable woodware comes from sustainable and renewable sources - BIRCHWOOD

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Item # WN-160K
Material Birch wood
Specification Length:165mm
Color Nature
Certification FDA, EEC


SIMPLE, NATURE, ECO FRIENDLY disposable woodware comes from sustainable and renewable sources - BIRCHWOOD is free of coatings, bleaches and dyes. Nosh on your favorite hot and cold foods such as salads, soups, pasta, meats, ice cream and more. Then dispose of these compostable utensils with peace of mind. Bifrost Biodegradable Cutlery are must-have green cutlery supplier.

DURABLY CRAFTED and polished smooth for splinter-free comfort, Bifrost Wooden Cutlery is perfect for children and adults. 


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