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Meta Description: Eco-friendly disposable wooden spoon and forks come in a few different variants giving consumers a wide range of choices.

For many years, people have chosen to use single-use plastic cutlery without realizing the harm it was doing. But thanks to the awareness spread by environmentalists, consumers are choosing disposable wooden spoons over plastic ones.

Plastic can absorb toxic chemicals and harm living beings while also being non-renewable and non-biodegradable. It is extremely non-friendly to the environment. Single-use plastic cutlery is widely used because it is cheap. Thankfully, you can now buy a disposable wooden spoon at a similar price and help save nature.

We at Bifrost believe in making eco-friendly wooden cutlery to reduce plastic waste. Check out our disposable wooden spoon on our website.

The Advantages Of Wooden Cutlery

•Made mostly from birchwood, a sustainable and renewable resource, disposable wooden spoons are biodegradable and 100% compostable. They decompose quickly and enrich the soil too while also being better than plastic cutlery in every way.

•Disposable wooden spoons look natural and aesthetically pleasing and can be made into a variety of styles and designs. The same cannot be said about boring plastic cutlery.

•Most manufacturers sand and smooth the wood surface but do not add any dye or treatment to the wood. Hence, it is free of any harmful chemicals and can be used for food without worry.

•Disposable wooden spoons are stronger and sturdier than flimsy plastic cutlery and can withstand high temperatures without melting or warping. They are light and flat yet do not break easily.

Using Wooden Cutlery The Right Way

Although disposable wooden spoons are easy and safe to use, you should keep a few things in mind when using them.

•As wood is absorbent and porous, it can soak in moisture and bacteria from water and food.

•Do not use a disposable wooden spoon for more than a couple of uses. It may weaken or break or may simply have been contaminated during storage after previous use.

•Avoid using a disposable wooden spoon that is made from cedar or Cyprus woods as they release odors and oily resins if not treated right. These elements can contaminate the food and make it unpleasant.

•Before buying, check if the disposable wooden spoon is made of recycled wood. If it is, make sure it has been cleaned thoroughly. For safety, stick to popular brands and well-known manufacturers.

Various Types Of Eco-Friendly Flatware

Disposable wooden spoons can be made out of a variety of wooden materials. Since manufacturers around the world source wood from various different trees, you have the option of choosing the right eco-friendly flatware for your purpose.


If a disposable wooden spoon is recyclable, you should put it in the recycle bin. After being discarded, recycled cutlery can be used to make something new.


Although these are rare, some products are made for long-term use and cannot break down naturally. Such cutlery is made by mixing natural and synthetic materials together and should not be chosen over biodegradable disposable wooden spoons. It requires a chemical reaction to break down degradable products that result in biomass, carbon dioxide, trace elements, or water.


This is the most common type of wooden cutlery that you will find, and it is highly recommended that you use biodegradable products only when it comes to disposable cutlery. These types of disposable wooden spoons can be broken down naturally by microorganisms and are made from totally sustainable natural resources.


If a product is made out of a plant, tree, or any living being that can regenerate itself, it is called a renewable product. These are biodegradable as well and do not deplete the resources as they are renewable and sustainable.


If a disposable wooden spoon can decay and decompose into reusable biomass, carbon dioxide, or water, it is said to be biodegradable. When such an item decomposes, it does not release any harmful toxins in the ground but enriches it with nutrients. Also, it decays at a similar rate as paper.

To know more about disposable wooden spoons, visit our Bifrost website for a wide range of wooden cutlery.

6.25 inch Disposable Wooden Spoon WN-160S
6.25 inch Disposable Wooden Spoon WN-160S

6.25" Disposable Wooden Spoon WN-160S

  • Item # WN-160S
  • 100% NATURAL BIRCHWOOD is free of coatings, bleaches and dyes. Nosh on your favorite hot and cold foods such as salads, soups, pasta, meats, ice cream and more. Then dispose of these compostable utensils with peace of mind.

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Item # WN-160S
Material Birch wood
Specification Length:160mm
Color Nature
Certification FDA, EEC


 100% NATURAL BIRCHWOOD is free of coatings, bleaches and dyes. Nosh on your favorite hot and cold foods such as salads, soups, pasta, meats, ice cream and more. Then dispose of these compostable utensils with peace of mind.

DURABLY CRAFTED and polished smooth for splinter-free comfort, Bifrost Wooden Cutlery is perfect for children and adults. 


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