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Meta Description: Ecobifrost is a renowned name for offering bamboo cutlery such as bamboo spoons, bamboo forks, and bamboo sporks. So what are you waiting for? Just get the set today!

Millions of people are running either small or large business houses. Every now and then there might be a requirement of organizing business events which definitely includes catering services. Generally, we would find plastic disposals such as plates, spoons, or forks in the event. Even though we know that plastic's excessive use can be harmful to humans and our environment, we cannot bring change. Well, not anymore. Ecobifrost has taken a great initiative to design and manufacture bamboo utensils or essential kitchenware that are 100% biodegradable and reusable.

The bamboo cutlery - which comprises bamboo spoons, bamboo forks, and bamboo sporks, is the best eco-friendly alternative to disposable plastic. One of the best products provided by Ecobifrost is bamboo spoons. Once you use the bamboo spoons, you will notice how harmful and useless the disposable can appear to you. As the awareness regarding natural or organic products increases among people, the demand for organic bamboo cutlery - bamboo spoons are also increasing. Ecobifrost has major reliability on the bamboo as the base material because they are naturally or organically grown and grow at a faster rate. This shows that even if the demand in the future grows, they will meet the requirements.

The best aspect of using the bamboo spoons is that they remain intact for a more extended period without degraded quality. Unlike plastic, they do not ooze out any chemicals that are harmful to the body.

Here are some of the bamboo spoons' features that will help you understand the significance of the bamboo spoons in your day-to-day life.

You Can Use Bamboo Spoons Multi Purposely:

Well, the bamboo spoons can be used for eating and cooking. Yes, you read it right. The bamboo spoons are designed in such a way that they can tolerate the heat that is produced during cooking and do not get damaged due to such extreme heat. So besides cooking, bamboo spoons can be used for eating and serving. This is possible because, at Ecobifrost, there are several types of bamboo spoons available in different designs and sizes. So you can choose the one that suits your needs and get it for yourself and your family.

You can make use of the small bamboo spoons while you are traveling or hiking or camping - you can easily tuck it in your bag or lunchbox and take it with you.

Bamboo Spoons Are Good For The Environment:

The best feature exhibited by bamboo is that once harvested, they have the potential to regrow to the same extent or even better. So these bamboos can be used multiple times without causing any harm to the environment.

Bamboo Spoons Are Lightweight - Easy To Use:

Well, the bamboo does not possess any weight. So they can easily be carried everywhere and can be used conveniently without any problem.

Bamboo Spoons Are Strong And Durable:

As bamboo is a natural material, it can be used for a longer period of time without getting any damage. The bamboo is strong enough. For instance, even if the bamboo spoon falls from a height, it won’t break. So, you can say that the bamboo spoons are durable as well as strong.

So, understand the importance of bamboo - stop the usage of harmful plastic disposals and go natural.

6.75 inch Regular Bamboo Spoon BM-170S1
6.75 inch Regular Bamboo Spoon BM-170S1

6.75" Regular Bamboo Spoon BM-170S1

  • Item # BM-170S1
  • Renewable and eco-friendly disposable bamboo cutlery with natural texture and high-quality.

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Item # BM-170S1
Material Bamboo
Specification Length:170mm
Color Nature texture
Certification FDA, EEC


Renewable and eco-friendly disposable bamboo cutlery with nature texture and high-quality.

Perfect for your indoor and outdoor events: Camping, BBQs, picnic, catering, parties and everyday meals
- Organic and Sustainable Bamboo
- Eco-friendly & Marine-friendly
- High-heat resistant up to  90℃/194°F
- Plastic-free and Chemical-free
- Biodegradable & Compostable


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