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Meta description- When you use disposable bamboo straw as a replacement for plastic straws when serving drinks to your clients, you can help protect the ocean.

A quote reads “Environment is no one’s property to destroy; it’s everyone’s responsibility to protect.” Yes, are you a person with a lot of environmental consciousness and running a restaurant? Not just restaurants, but even if you own a juice shop that serves cold juices and even hot coffee and other beverages to customers, you can do one thing now. Yes, your interest in safeguarding the environment can be met by disposable bamboo straw.

•What is Disposable Bamboo Straw anyway?

You might have been serving your guests and customers many different beverages. When serving them, you might have provided them with straws for easily consuming them. You have been using plastic straws for so long. Then, once paper straws came in, you might have shifted to them to protect the environment. Now, you can get more into environmental protection with a disposable bamboo straw. Yes, these straws are made using organic, natural, compostable, and biodegradable bamboo. What more do you wish to learn about disposable bamboo straws? Read on to learn more:

•It can withstand extreme hot and cold beverages:

You might be wondering whether these disposable bamboo straws can withstand cold and hot beverages. Irrespective of whether you serve very cold or very hot drinks to your clients, you can confidently use bamboo-made straws. The reason is that bamboo is a material that can withstand these extremities.

•Safeguard the environment and the ocean:

When you use plastic straws in your business daily, you know how much unsafe waste your business produces every day. They can block the landfills not letting water into the ground. But, this will not happen once you move to disposable bamboo straws. Not just landfills, you can, in turn, safeguard the ocean as well. Do you know the ocean is the home for not just fish but many unknown species? You can contribute your share to safeguarding them with these bamboo straws.

•What Are The Points To Consider When You Buy Disposable Bamboo Straw?

Some points of consideration when you shop for a disposable bamboo straw are listed below:

Good diameter and length:

You know that only when the disposable bamboo straw has a good diameter, it will be easier to consume. When it comes to convenient drinking, not just diameter, but the right length is equally important. Only then, users can conveniently use the straw for drinking any beverage. So, check whether the straw has around 6 mm diameter and has a length of about 200 mm to ensure easy handling.

•Natural color:

Also, to make the disposable bamboo straw safe to use and also for the environment, it is better to check whether it is offered in natural color. It means that the manufacturer would not have used any artificial or even natural color as dye on the straw.


Naturally, you look for the best quality disposable bamboo straw, isn’t it? So, before you buy, it would be better to check whether it is a certified product. It means that disposable straws with EEC and FDA certifications make them the best buy for sure.


Some years ago, in some countries, plastic straws were completely banned. This ban gave birth to paper straws. But, now, for better environmental protection than paper straws, disposable bamboo straws are available. At EcoBifrost, we specialize in making many useful products from Bamboo. The disposable bamboo straws that we make are FDA and EEC-approved. So, you can stay confident about buying the right straws to safeguard the environment. In turn, you can gain the best name among your future and present customers as well.


Bamboo Straw G6x200 BM-STWG6x200

  • Item # BM-STWG6x200
  • Renewable and eco-friendly disposable bamboo straw is a great option for paper straw or plastic straw.

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Item # BM-STWG6x200
Material Bamboo
Specification Diameter: 6mm Length: 200mm
Color Nature
Certification FDA, EEC


ECO-FRIENDLY - Disposabel bamboo straw are 100% Natural, Organic, Biodegradable and Compostable.
PREMIUM QUALITY - Instead of foregoing straws altogether, using straws made of Bamboo is a great option. Disposabel bamboo drinking straw is reliable and can withstand hot and cold drinks.
NATURAL MATERIAL:  Bamboo straws are Eco Friendly and BPA-Free Biodegradable.
APPLICATION: Ideal for all drink types from your favorite juice or smoothie to coffee and cocktails. Good choice for birthdays, family feasts, special occasions, parties, and everyday life.


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